Combining our low impact approach in camp with 11,000 protected acres of bush and woodland, means Ndarakwai is almost certainly carbon neutral

Ndarakwai Camp, with 16 large, comfortable and individually decorated tents is set at 4,200 feet at the southern side of the ranch. The camp offers a high degree of personalised service, attention to detail, great food, as well as a wide variety of excellent wildlife related activities, cultural experiences and excursions.

Ndarakwai takes both community and conservation issues very seriously – the main emphasis being anti poaching, education and employment. We pay close attention to our impact on neighboring communities. Ndarakwai Camp was built by, and is staffed by people from the local villages. Materials, such as canvas for tents, poles for construction, and grass for thatching, were obtained locally, and all of the tents were made on site. The bar in the dining area was made from non indigenous dead Eucalyptus found on the property, and the two clay fireplaces were made by local Maasai women.

We strive to be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly camp in Tanzania. Every choice we make is important and needs to be considered carefully; achieving goals on one aspect of camp is only worth while if we aren’t damaging other aspects.

All our water comes from Mt. Kilimanjaro and is filtered

before being put in recycled glass bottles in the tents or to be used for cooking. We use clean burning propane in the kitchen for cooking and to power the fridges and freezers. When we do burn wood, it is for our two clay ovens and all the wood is collected from the property.

We supply the camp and staff quarters with hot water by use of very efficient Solar water heaters. Electricity, for lights and charging, is also entirely generated by means of solar panels.

To supply Ndarakwai Camp with fresh produce daily, we have another property with a large vegetable garden. Here we grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables, including: lettuce, carrots, leeks, egg plant, star fruit, avocado and bananas, to name a few.

Produce that is easily available from neighbouring farmers, we don’t grow, and wherever possible we support our neighbours by buying locally. We buy cheese from the nearby town of Sanya Juu, where cheddar and mozzarella is made. Pork, beef and eggs are also produced locally. Wherever possible, organic produce is grown and bought, and we prefer local products over imported products, however, there is nothing like extra virgin olive oil!

Ndarakwai Camp has remained #1 on TripAdvisor for the past three years

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Ndarakwai Ranch is carbon neutral

Ndarakwai Ranch is carbon neutral
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